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This book covers all aspects of imaging diagnosis of shoulder disorders and explains the treatment implications of imaging findings from a clinical perspective. After discussion of anatomy, shoulder biomechanics, and the relevant imaging techniques, a wide spectrum of disorders is addressed in a series of dedicated chapters on rotator cuff injuries and impingement syndromes, glenohumeral instability, SLAP tears and microinstability, biceps tendon and rotator interval pathology, shoulder girdle fractures, shoulder arthritides, tumors and tumor-like conditions, and entrapment neuropathies. Separate consideration is also given to the pediatric shoulder and to preoperative planning, postoperative imaging, and surgical techniques in patients undergoing shoulder arthroplasty.The unique anatomy and range of motion of the shoulder joint can present a diagnostic challenge. Careful physical examination and radiographic findings often provide important clues in the differential diagnosis and in many instances may be sufficient for the assessment of patients with shoulder pathology.  However, characterization of soft tissue injuries and radiographically occult osseous pathology is often facilitated by the use of advanced imaging techniques, including CT, US, and MRI, for the diagnostic workup of internal derangements affecting the shoulder joint. Readers will find this excellently illustrated book to be an invaluable aid to image interpretation when employing these techniques and a helpful guide to treatment.

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