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The City of Lorain was incorporated in 1874 by the town council. It was named after the county, which had been named by Heman Ely, who thought the area looked very much like the Province of Lorraine in France. Lorain's location next to Lake Erie and the early arrival of the B&O Railroad in 1871 made the city a hotbed for industry. The Hayden Brass Works built a large plant on Elyria Avenue. Captain Thew, a ship captain on the lakes, developed an improved gear system for a steam shovel, and that started the Lorain Thew Shovel Co., which became known worldwide. Lorain grew tremendously in the 1890s. Construction of the Johnson Steel Rail Company started in 1894, and in just ten years, the population of the City of Lorain tripled. In 1894, the American Stove Works built a plant in Lorain, where they made heaters and furnaces. Three years later, the American Shipbuilding Company built a yard and launched hundreds of ships before it closed in 1984. Lorain, Ohio, certainly did its part during World War II; many men went into service, and Lorain produced its own share of heroes. The shipyard was also put to work by the government to build the USS Lorain, a frigate.

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Lorain, Ohio (Images of America) Libro PDF

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